Ying Fung Maintenance Engineering Company Limited is the winner of REA Greater China Award 2018’s ‘Best Home Maintenance Service’ category. The company started with only one maintenance technician back in 2005, and has since developed into a sizeable operation with a team of over ten staff members and technicians. On top of regular maintenance and repair work focused on refrigerators and washing machines, Ying Fung has also branched out into home appliance recycling. While the company has achieved rapid growth since its founding, director Lau King Hong maintains that they also pay great attention to environmental protection as one of their guiding principles.

Lau adds that through its dedicated services, Ying Fung hopes the public will understand that they can try to get malfunctioning appliances fixed by professionals first, instead of discarding them right away. When asked about most memorable assignments, he recalls that once an elderly woman needed repairs for her two-decade- old washing machine—it carried memories of her late husband. Although a lot of its parts were quite worn out, the sentimental machine was successfully “revived” by Lau’s colleagues.

To reduce unnecessary waste, the company wants to provide more knowledge and information to the public regarding repairable parts and maintenance procedures. With its appliance recycling business, Ying Fung actively seeks out high-quality secondhand products and resells them after careful repairs to extend their lifespans.

At 30 years old, Lau has been in the business for a decade and thinks that recruiting new employees is the most challenging part of his job. He hopes that Ying Fung will extend its services to the maintenance of small home appliances such as air conditioners and television sets within the next five years, and that the industry will attract more young talent to step in and promote eco-friendly lifestyles.

今年「最佳家居維修服務」由2005年開始營運的盈豐維修工程有限公司獲得。盈豐維修工程由成立時只有一名維修技師,發展至今已有十多名員工及維修技師,除一般維修外現時服務更已擴展至回收家庭電器,並專門維修雪櫃及洗衣機等白色家電,負責人Mr. Lau King Hong表示,公司發展迅速之餘,同時亦非常重視環保,並以此作為公司營運理念。

Lau King Hong表示,希望可透過他們讓客人明白,電器失靈可先請專人維修而非直接棄置。他曾遇過一個令他印象深刻的個案,有位婆婆要維修已使用超過二十年的洗衣機,指該部洗衣機是與已離世丈夫的回憶,幸好在同事努力下,縱然大部分零件已老化,最終都成功令洗衣機「重生」。



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