Brenners Park-hotel & Spa Millésime trunk

EUR120,000 (approx. HK$1,066,000) from Eden Being

Squarefoot - - HOME ESSENTIALS 家居精選 -

Designed by French malletiers T.t.trunks, this trunk opens out to reveal storage for everything the wine and cocktail connoisseur might think of. Compartments include a portable case that can be taken out, temperature-controlled wine cellar for 10 bottles, flaps to store Château Baccarat red wine glasses and Champagne flutes, and more. It even comes with a SONOS speaker for party times. This limited-edition lichen green trunk is the definition of indulgence.由法國旅行箱設計品牌T.t.trunks打造的的旅行箱可儲存各式各樣的葡萄酒及雞尾酒,具恆溫設備的酒箱可儲存10瓶葡萄酒,還可盛載Château Baccarat的紅色葡萄酒杯及香檳杯等,格內還有一個便攜式行李箱,可拿出來隨身攜帶。箱內甚至有一個SONOS擴音器,供舉行派對時使用,這款苔綠色的旅行箱實在令人愛不釋手。

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