Tree of Reveries

HK$13,000 from La Maison du Chocolat

Squarefoot - - HOME ESSENTIALS 家居精選 -

This limited-edition piece is an edible work of art: a finely-wrought tree with 78 shiny and matte dark chocolate bubbles of six different sizes. Nicolas Cloiseau painstakingly crafted each tree by hand, and eight scenes are etched and layered into these delicate bubbles with watchmaking precision. Each scene has been rendered in superposed layers of dark, milk, ivory chocolate and gold leaf. A delightfully different way to add to the festive mood.這款限量版的裝飾樹掛了78顆閃爍生輝及啞光色的朱古力聖誕球,共有六種大小,是可以吃進肚子裡的藝術品。甜品大師Nicolas Cloiseau以一雙巧手,打造每一棵裝飾樹,並把8個不同的主題融入聖誕球當中,精準無瑕,每個主題以黑朱古力、牛奶朱古力、白朱古力和金葉片演繹,為聖誕增添歡樂氣氛。

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