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想令家居煥然一新?馬上看2019年熱門家居潮流 。


Fancy a change? Get inspired by the hottest interior trends for 2019 and transform your home. 想令家居煥然一新?馬上看2019年熱門家居潮流。

There's nothing like kicking off a new year with a fresh start. And how else to complement the new you than giving your home a bit of a makeover and trying a different look? This year's trends and colours will breathe life into tired rooms big and small, nor will you have to break the bank to achieve your objective.

“Play with accents and decorative accessories,” advises Clinton Cordeiro, buyer and stylist at popular homeware store Bowerbird Home. “This will allow you to update your home with new elements that are on trend without having to completely redecorate every season. You can freshen up your home with some new cushions, a decorative mirror or lamp, or add something like a bar trolley that will transform how you use a space.”


Clinton Cordeiro是流行bowerbird Home家具店的買手及造型師,他建議:「盡量利用一些設計特色或裝飾品來點綴家居,這可讓你專注於以流行元素來更新家居面貌,毋須每季大費周章的重新佈置。比如可以用新款咕 、裝飾鏡或座檯燈,甚至是酒水車,來改變空間的用途。」


One trend that never seems to go out of fashion is Scandinavian design and the Danish concept of “hygge” that sums up a feeling of comfort, cosiness and contented wellbeing. This year, the characteristic light wood aesthetic is layered with heavy knits, tribal patterns and crafts, with many products displaying a distinctly handmade look. “Scandinavian interiors have perhaps never been more popular, appealing as much as an aesthetic as to our social conscience, our sense of doing more with less, of consuming less and being less attached to physical things,” says Cordeiro.

At the other end of the scale is a trend that Cordeiro terms modern luxe. It references the glamour of the 1920s but is brought firmly into the 21st century by the inclusion of contemporary lines and elements of the Japanese philosophy wabi-sabi, which focuses on appreciating the beauty in imperfection. Think gently curving furniture, treated glass and mirror, sumptuous velvet, leather and shagreen and mixed metallic accents of brass, gold and stainless steel… and then throw in a piece made of raw concrete or stone. Bar trolleys in high-shine metallics are also making a seriously stylish comeback.

“The idea of ‘staying in is the new going out' is reinforced when we have that fivestar hotel lobby-bar style in the comfort of our own living room,” says Cordeiro. Largeformat wall art or mural-like decorations seems set to feature heavily in 2019 too, and wallpaper treatments continue to be favoured by designers across the globe. For anyone contending with a rental property's decorating restrictions, Cordeiro suggests having panels made out of a stunning wallpaper such as those by Kerrie Brown and Wedgwood. Whether you do an entire wall this way or a central feature panel such as a headboard, you can easily take it with you if you move. 另一個潮流Cordeiro稱之為摩登奢華,以上世紀20年代的華麗風為藍本,糅合當代線條和日本的侘寂美學(wabi-sabi)-在不完美中發現美,具體表現在曲線條家具、經處理的玻璃和鏡子、華麗絲絨、皮革和粗革;又或是混合黃銅、金與不鏽鋼的金屬特色,再搭配一件未經加工的水泥和石材飾物。閃亮金屬製的酒水車再次成為時尚家具。 酒店般的酒吧,進一步強化了『留在家是 飾和如壁畫般的裝飾很可能會大行其道,全球各地設計師仍然偏好牆紙處理。如果是租房子,佈置方面會遇上不少限制, 選用美觀的織品。不論你裝飾整塊牆或只是中央一部份例如床頭板,在搬遷時也可輕鬆帶走。 「明年的潮流包括大型的花卉圖案,幾何圖案,珠寶般的明亮色彩,更重要的是可持續家具。」

人們愈來愈著重環保,未來將有更多以負責任管理方式採購、並以再生木材及物料製造的家具。這些家具不一定奢華,卻具獨特性,手工精美,且提供多種用途,為空間營造優雅氣質。推而廣之,還可把大自然及熱帶主題帶進家中,為居室增添 或一些葉子可令空氣及環境更清新。」

Marie, manager at homeware and lifestyle store Thorn & Burrow in Sai Ying Pun, says “Trending in the coming year are big florals, geometric patterns, rich jewel tones and more importantly, sustainable furniture.”

As everyone becomes more environmentally conscious, expect to see furniture made out of recycled wood and materials from responsibly-managed sources. These pieces will not be shabby chic but rather unique, beautifully crafted and often multipurpose items that lend elegant character to any space. An extension of this theme is the inclusion of nature and tropical themes into homes, adding life as well as colour. “Indoor plants and pops of foliage help to purify the air and vibe,” says Michelle Koller, creative director of longstanding Hong Kong homeware store Tequila Kola.

Just as fashion has its ‘in' colours, so too do interiors, and colour guru Pantone recently announced its hotly anticipated colour of 2019. Living Coral is a warm, optimistic and uplifting tone of pinky-orange that goes brilliantly with crisp white, greys and beige as well as navy and forest green. Along with coral, Koller suggests salmon, gold and rosewood but has also identified mustard, teal, magenta and graphite as another hot colour theme for 2019. Tequila Kola additionally teams kale, cucumber and iron together, which gives the effect of a fresh burst of spring. “Adding colour and texture to your home is an important trend for 2019,” says Koller. “Paint or wallpaper [your walls] and don't be afraid of mixing colours. Be bold.”

Cordeiro agrees. Referencing Dulux's colour for 2019, Spiced Honey, he says that this year will see a continuation of saturated colours alongside pale, pastel tones. Mustard, terracotta, celadon and a shade referred to as cantaloupe will feature heavily, as will matte black finishes. “We will also see bold colourways by contrasting the saturated tones with the washed tones like deep teal and pale pink or mint and terracotta,” he says.

Although it might seem obvious, another theme is making your interior a true extension of yourself. “Ultimately, we use trends to give you the options to enhance your lifestyle needs and express your personality and style.” says Cordeiro. Trends act as inspiration particularly when you haven't a clue where to start but it is your unique personal touch that makes a space a home. 時裝界有流行顏色,室內設計亦如是,色彩巨擘Pantone最近預告了2019年熱門色彩。由粉紅與橙色混合而成的珊瑚色,溫暖明亮,且充滿歡樂,可與白、灰、米色、海軍藍和鮮綠配搭。除了珊瑚色外,Koller建議三文魚色、金色和花梨木色,還有芥辣黃、藍綠色、洋紅色和石墨色,這些顏色將會在2019年大放異彩。Tequila Kola更把羽衣甘藍色搭配青瓜綠和銀灰色,猶如喜氣洋洋的春天。Koller表示:「2019年最重要是為家居增添色彩和質感,不論是採用漆油或是牆紙,不要害怕把不同的色彩混搭,要大膽嘗試。」




Cordeiro說:「在舒適的客廳設一個五星級 新消閒』這個概念」。在2019年,大型牆 Cordeiro建議採用牆紙造的裝飾板,如出自Kerrie Brown及wedgwood品牌的產品,或 備有多元化精品的Thorn&burrow位於西營盤,該家品生活店經理Marie雀躍表示: 色彩和生氣。香港著名家品店Tequila Kola創意總監Michelle Koller表示:「室內盆栽 Photo Credit: Bowerbird Home

Photo Credit: Tequila Kola

Photo Credit: Tequila Kola

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