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Kwun Tong also has plenty of party room-type attractions to make every gathering an interesting one. Player11 Poolsoccer Party takes pool to a new level, featuring a giant table with billiard balls the size of bowling balls; players use their entire bodies as the queue to pocket the balls. Alternatively, Alpha Soccer Stadium hosts a range of activities that teams can do while dressed in inflatable fat suits. Imagine playing archery tag or doing the limbo while dressed as a hefty ninja and you can imagine how funny the experience will be. For the more sportsinclined, Gonature Climbing Gym is Hong Kong's largest indoor climbing space with terrain for all experience levels spread over 100 different routes and boulders.

Azzita Hoverland is a hoverboard retailer and repair centre that also has an expansive indoor track for racing around on electric balancing boards. For the more old-school, head instead to Vans Sk85ive2, an indoor skateboarding park equipped with rails, wedge ramps and flat banks galore.

In line with the quirkiness of the area, Kwun Tong also has some rather unique attractions in store. Visit HA Cube to check out Hong Kong's first and only indoor fishing shrimp farm. There are all sorts of sea creatures to catch, including shrimps, lobsters and other crustaceans; visitors can barbecue their catches straight after. Fishing equipment are all provided so you can just sit back and literally wait for your dinner to take the bait. Ikari Area lets stressed Hongkongers vent their frustrations in a supremely satisfying fashion—by smashing things up. Grab a bat and take your negative emotions out on old washing machines, fridges and other breakable items; a truly cathartic experience.

觀塘亦有許多開設特色派對的空間,Player11 Pool Soccer Party把桌球玩意帶到新的境界,巨型球桌上有保齡球般大小的桌球,參加者把自己當成桌球杆,把球送進球袋中;此外,你可在Alpha Soccer Stadium參與一系列活動,參加者需要穿上吹氣外衣,想像一隊胖嘟嘟隱者在玩弓箭對決和凌波舞,場面多有趣!想真正做點運動,Gonature Climbing Gym是全港最大的室內攀石運動場,有超過100條路線和巨石牆,適合不同程度的參加者。

Azzita Hoverland是漂浮滑板的零售商和維修中心,還有一個十分寬敞的室內漂浮滑板競賽空間;至於喜歡傳統運動的人士,則可到Vans Sk85ive2室內滑板場,那裡有不同坡度的滑道及斜坡。

觀塘亦有許多意想不到的特色玩樂點,比如全港首間亦是唯一一間室內釣蝦場HA Cube,提供所需的工具,場內除了鮮蝦外,還有龍蝦及其他貝類海產,訪客可以把釣獲的海鮮即場烤來吃,方便好玩。Ikari Area以最直接方式-砸東西-讓備受壓力的香港人發洩,你可以盡情向舊洗衣機、雪櫃及可砸爛的東西發洩負面情緒,確實是個渲洩的好方法。

Gonature Climbing Gym HA Cube

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