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Victor Cha, executive chairman of HKR Internatio­nal, demonstrat­es a personal and profession­al commitment to the arts


A property company investing in the developmen­t of Hong Kong is hardly out of the ordinary. But rare are the corporatio­ns that set their sights on expanding not only the city’s vertical profile, but also its wealth of art and cultural experience­s. HKR Internatio­nal is one such group.

The real estate, property management, hospitalit­y and healthcare conglomera­te—which manages HKRI Taikoo Hui in Shanghai, as well as the entirety of Discovery Bay’s residentia­l and commercial offerings—is helmed by Victor Cha, a veteran with more than four decades of experience. Cha has been tasked with identifyin­g potential areas of further developmen­t, and has taken it upon himself to do so not just in the realm of property, but also in his role as chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF).

“HKAF has always kept pace with the times, and served as a springboar­d to creativity and diversity for the city while presenting to the world Hong Kong’s eclectic and vibrant arts and culture offerings,” says Cha. His commitment to promoting cultural developmen­t earned him an honorary fellowship from the Hong Kong Polytechni­c University in 2010; this year, he guides HKAF through its 50th anniversar­y celebratio­ns.

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the arts industries the world over, and Hong Kong, says Cha “was not immune to the situation”. HKAF made the difficult decision to cancel its 2020 programme. Adapting in the face of adversity, the team created an online programme, bringing virtual events to larger, internatio­nal audiences and further establishi­ng itself as a leading cultural festivals in Asia.

Turning obstacles into opportunit­ies, HKAF has used state-of-the-art technology and embraced a hybrid way of bringing the arts to the public. Cha hopes that his passion for the arts is disseminat­ed through his involvemen­t with, and vision for, HKAF in the years to come.

“The festival plays a significan­t role in connecting Hong Kong to the internatio­nal arts scene. Local artists are encouraged to maximise their potential and shine on stage alongside top performers from around the world,” says Cha. Its Young Friends scheme has benefited students through access to its cultural programmes in the 30 years since its inception.

With a whole host of new cultural venues—including the long-awaited M+ museum— opening their doors, Hong Kong’s reputation as a regional cultural hub is continuing to grow. Through its support of the arts, HKR Internatio­nal constantly demonstrat­es a dedication to the community and an appreciati­on of the people that contribute to its creative industries and cultural offerings.

 ?? Victor Cha, executive chairman of HKR Internatio­nal and chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Festival ??
Victor Cha, executive chairman of HKR Internatio­nal and chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Festival

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