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The man behind Tiffany and Co’s latest scent explains why he took inspiratio­n from a classic


Perfumer Jérome Epinette has a famous nose. You may not have heard his name, but you have almost certainly heard of some of the fragrances he’s designed. From cult favourites such as Byredo’s Gypsy Water and Pulp, and Boy Smells’ new range, to scents for Victoria’s Secret and L’occitane en Provence, Epinette is everywhere in the perfume world. “It is hard to keep track, but I would say [I’ve developed] more than a couple of thousand [fragrances]”, Epinette tells Tatler.

Finding inspiratio­n in everything around him, from “nature, painting, food, drinks, music, architectu­re, discussion and sharing emotions”, Epinette’s latest creation, Tiffany & Co’s Rose Gold EDP, draws inspiratio­n from a well-loved natural perfume.

“Rose Gold EDP is a modern approach to a very common ingredient: rose,” he explains. “Nothing heady, nothing old-fashioned, just fresh, sparkling fun, rich and modern. The inspiratio­n was to capture the scent of a blue rose I smelled in the south of France. A unique rose; extremely fresh.” Practicall­y speaking, this translates to a perfume that opens with fruity blackcurra­nt mixed with hints of pink pepper and lychee, while the titular rose is found in the middle notes. The fragrance finishes with a warm, musky ambrette seed.

Despite spending his days blending beautiful smells, the Frenchman always wears scent; his favourite notes? “Slightly citrusy, musky, something very quiet like a second skin—and something that won’t interfere with my daily routine at work.”

And Epinette stuck to this habit even during Covid lockdown. “I needed it. It was somehow a way to escape when you are locked down,” he says. “Thus is the power of fragrances: that they can make you travel, dream or feel good about yourself.”

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