The Jour­ney Con­tin­ues

That's China - - Editor's Note - Gemma Piali Edi­tor

Are you ready for par t two? We hope you still have your seat belt tightly buck­led in, as we con­tinue to take you on a jour­ney to var­i­ous nooks and cran­nies across China. This is not just a tourist ad­ven­ture to scope out a mul­ti­tude of cities, but it is more of a per­sonal jour­ney guided by a few for­eign­ers who live here. For­eign­ers flock to the cul­tur­ally rich and fast mov­ing coun­try of China for a vast range of rea­sons, some­times in­spired by the deep his­tory and unique tra­di­tions, or the mod­ern ad­vance­ments and in­no­va­tive de­vel­op­ments. This sec­ond edi­tion con­tin­ues to pro­vide in­sight into the ex­pe­ri­ences of those who have de­cided to pack their bags and ship them­selves over to China. It’s im­pos­si­ble to cre­ate an all-en­com­pass­ing pic­ture of China in just two edi­tions, but it may serve as a peek-hole into both the un­usual and the or­di­nary hap­pen­ings of life in China, be­gin­ning at the Bro­ken Bridge in Hangzhou, and fly­ing all the way over to the oil fields of Kara­may in Xin­jiang. Lit­tle snap­shots of mo­ments in time - some writ­ings may in­duce a gig­gle, cause a light-bulb mo­ment, or pro­voke you to try some­thing new, but all are per­sonal jour­neys on the soil of China. The pre­vi­ous edi­tion re­lied heav­ily on the in­sight­ful stories of aca­demic and writer David P. Pur­nell, while this edi­tion con­tains many snap­shots from the ad­ven­tures of writer Hannah Lund. Her stories cover her time liv­ing in Hangzhou, as well as trav­el­ling to var­i­ous other cities and towns across the coun­try. Hannah plays in a blue­grass band at a wed­ding, tries to help out a lost man wan­der­ing the streets, and spends time with hos­pitable fam­i­lies. Also packed in the pages of this edi­tion, are ex­otic sights for your eyes to be­hold as well as mouth-wa­ter­ing street food to get your taste buds ex­cited. Whether you have ex­pe­ri­enced sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tions, or never wit­nessed such an oc­cur­rence, we hope you en­joy read­ing these wide-scop­ing sin­cere stories about a vast coun­try.

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