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Videos of Chinese ice cream brand Zhong Xue Gao (known as “Chicecream” in English), showing its products not melting when held over a gas fire, triggered public debate over food additives as well as rising ice cream prices.

Most Chinese have memories of ice cream costing around 1 or 2 yuan. But prices have soared since 2019, when high-end products were in vogue. Oneyuan popsicles have been disappeari­ng from shelves due to lack of profits, according to a report from Chinese Business News.

Chicecream has been popular among young consumers since its establishm­ent in early 2018. Its products usually sell for around 20 yuan, but the most expensive reaches up to 66 yuan—four to five times higher than its local competitor­s. Founder Lin Sheng attributes the premium price to the high cost of quality ingredient­s, like raisins grown in Turpan, Xinjiang. But the company was later fined for false advertisin­g—they only used bulk-packaged raisins.

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