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It has been nearly half a year since the notable reopening of the theatre. And the theatre successfully attracted audience to come once again with the classical drama “Wilderness” played in April.

As the most successful play at the spot, “Wilderness” , which was firstly staged on Oct 9 ,1943, is adapted from Cao Yu's namesake masterpiece. It was a story of revenge at Chinese countryside but is more renowned for its touching depiction of complex humanity. And this year, taking this significative drama as the reopening debut shows an affirmative prospect to correspond to the once glory time.

Though the drama didn't make every show to be full house, young faces showed up to everyone's delight. Among those content people dedicated to the theatre's renaissance, He Nian, director of the new-edtion “Wilderness” were also fulfilled. “We saw audiences who're not familiar with drama, staring at the poster at the entrance and asking how to buy a ticket. The theater brings people closer to drama as within a mere walking distance. It could have been 20 years since the last time they watched a drama, but when the audience come here once again, they can still experience the pains and joys through characters,thus to approach their true being and a feeling of presensce.”.





从左图起FROM LEFT二层的天井之下2nd floor, underneath the skylit;站于二层,向下的视角A Downward view from the second floor

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