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Windswept interprets the inner world of female in a relatively tranquil environment. Meanwhile, “Midnight Bloom” is an utterly different series presenting another aspect of the designer’s imaginative power. The flower and dancer’s shadows cast to the river, the water surface stirs and the red earth emanates the scent of nature – all contributing to the expression of female charm. Themed in white, amber and dark colours, the gentle hue of nature is applied onto the figure of the collection, which is the power that the designer aims to present. In the meantime, a series of short films were also recorded: with the help of choreographic techniques, the dancer is as if a blossoming flower in midnight, and her style and personalities shift between brightness and darkness in a free manner.

At the beginning the scenes shift from water shadows and real objects, as if being placed in a virtual reality. With the violent movements made by the dancer, the energy beneath her white dress is activated. Metal textures shine with mysteriousness in the gentle light, and the black hemlines burst with power in rotation and jumping. Inherited from the “Windswept” collection, the lace backless design is melded into the body of the dancer. Fashion design, now, is reborn through dance.

The dark background and wavy water cast a strong contrast, and helps to highlight the dancer. Through her facial expressions and movements, all the charming aspects of femininity are given the fullest play. So is the concept of “Midnight Blossom”.

Choreography infuses the energy of modern dance into the classical ballet – every stance presents the ever-changing attitude of women under the façade of clothing. Balance and conflicts are placed in an eternal war. No doubt the form strongly echoes the collection shots. In the series, the broad figure and light colour selection never try to exaggerate, instead, they stand behind to tell the story of what the designer is trying to express. This is entirely sourced from the idea of humanity, and explores the human potential as interpreted by the designers.

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