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“Thematic Suitcase” brand Centurion has aimed to revolutionise the eco-system of the luggage industry since its formation in 2015. With its unique merchandising and branding strategies, Centurion has succeeded in redefining the value of suitcases.

Hailed as the “pioneer of thematic suitcases”,

Zhibin Chen dreamed of establishing a luggage brand that focuses around earth protection, through which expresses his environmental awareness and love of the planet. Now his dream has come true.

As he once said, “the market needs a revolutionary, epoch-making, and exceptionally creative luggage brand, just like what Centurion promises.” Centurion has released a series of suitcases that focus on “Global Warming and Climate Change” as well as a series of “Endangered Animal” suitcases.

It would be inaccurate to label Centurion merely a luggage brand. From 2015 to 2018, Centurion has integrated into an intellectual platform that exchanges ideas and cultures, with an advanced, comprehensive, and ingenious business model.

In China, Centurion also cooperates with the cultural sectors such as Fenghuowenchuang and Beijing Culture Equity Exchange Co.,Ltd. It expanded from “Suitcases as Containers” to “Suitcases as Art Pieces”, leading the revolution of suitcases.

“主题式旅行箱 ”品牌 CENTURION(百夫长)





划时代概念意义,创新思维革命意义的旅行箱品牌,就像CENTURION 这样。”截至目前,CENTURION 已经发行多款“气候暖化与环境变迁 ”示警系列旅行箱,并发行以已经达到濒临灭绝警戒

线上的动物为题材的主题旅行箱,名为“濒临绝种动物 ”系列。其实,从2015年到2018年,它已经发展成为一个具备丰富全新商业运行模式的人文交流平台,一个文化与艺术的载具。在国内,它也与文创产业结合,例如峰火文创、北文

中心文投汇,从“用旅行箱装行李 ”进化到“用艺术品装

行李 ”是 CENTURION 开辟的华丽之路;站在旅行箱进化史的转折点,它责无旁贷扮演更举足轻重的关键角色。

从对页起顺时针CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT PAGE “气候暖化与环境变迁”系列“Global Warming and Climate Change” series; “濒临绝种动物”系列“Endangered Animal” series;文化与艺术的载具Suitcases as art pieces;品牌创始人陈志彬Founder Chen Zhibin

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