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They bloom like the camellia; confidently and elegantly. Unlike the proud peony, stoic winter sweet, or unadorned chamomile, camellia is unique in her own way. She never follows the madding crowd; she defines the wonder of women in this modern world.

Gentle ladies” usually invoke a stereotypical impression of a hedonistic, luxurious lifestyle both day and night. However, if you have a chance to join a Camelliae activity, your stereotype will be completely shattered. Camelliae, a high-end social activity platform dedicated to socialites has been in operation for three years, through which period it bloomed confidently and gracefully, just like its origin “camellia” indicates.

Camellia is also the flower favoured by Coco Chanel and once was featured in her custom-tailored collection. The flower not only bears the firm character of “only the aroma of camellia persists while the full moon takes the spring breeze”, but also the rich colour that “among the sea of flowers, only the red ones overpower the glory of rosy dawn.”

“The lightly-scented flower is elegant but not aggressive, and she has her unique floral emblem: power hidden deeply in the silence and the charm stored beneath the surface. In the blossoming season, a single camellia gathers up her friends, and with the magical power all the surrounding camellia flowers begin to show their floral energy, till the whole mountain is covered in the sea of camellia,” said the founder of Camelliae and executive manager of Shanghai Liyi Business and Trading Co. Ltd., Tina Fan.

Spirited as well as independent, the community Camelliae dedicated to VIP ladies has accumulated by 20,000 members, sharing resources through customized tea parties, luxurious dinners, fanciful balls, and splendid cruises. Meanwhile, she creates business opportunities for her members.

When the sharing community economy was still in its infancy, Tina Fan said she could already see its vast potential. “Our socialite circle focuses on managing happiness instead of pure trading of goods. Through the exchange of social relationships and sharing of resources, we opened a brand-new world of win-win situation.”

Fan was inspired from the Paris Haute Couture Week. After receiving six catwalk invitations from first-rate brands, she realized that the business strategy of luxury brands worldwide is not malicious competition and direct rejection, but sharing and cooperation based on mutual development.


山茶花,Coco Chanel 也青睐的花朵,绽放在她的高级定制服饰上。既具有“唯有山茶殊耐久,独能深月占春风”的傲梅风骨,又有“花繁艳红,深夺晓霞”的凌牡丹之鲜艳。





2014年,她创办的卡枚连 VIP社区一打开大门,连续的58场高端活动便吸引了圈层里的各路女性精英,大多数都是品牌的创始人。在生活方式日

In 2014, Fan’s Camelliae VIP community opened its gates to the public. 58 events in a role successfully attracted a number of female socialites, and most of them are brand founders. When the modern lifestyle is becoming more and more dependent on the Internet, the face-to-face communication is regretfully replaced by digital substitutes. Now they have the chance to gather in the Garden of Eden provided by Camelliae. Work, business, family are all within their discussion. Alternatively, members can attend a psychology or etiquette or floral design class where they are given a chance to unwind from their daily pressures and instead, enjoy some quality time. At the end of 2017, Camelliae introduced their online shopping platform to explore more possibilities in expanding the brand and customer experience.

When asked about what is the most interesting event Fan has held in the past years, a proud smile appeared on her face. As early as in 2015, when the first Camelliae & Bazaar Public Charity Night disclosed to the public, Fan succeeded in raising 1.43 million yuan for the Bazaar Charity Fund, “Accelerate for Love”, a fund aimed at providing more ambulances for the poverty-stricken area.

“Many would think rich people’s charity work is largely an act. What we want to do is to prove that members of Camelliae are not the rich ladies that purchase luxurious items all day long, but are the responsible and successful women in the new era. They firmly pursue what they want and pursue with hard work. They are the ones with the ‘She’ strength in the ‘She’ era,” said Fan.

Meanwhile, the members are also a group of ladies searching for the balance in both career and life. They spend their time on charity due to their deep understandings on the meaning of life and genuinely devote their efforts on saving more time for the seriously ill and bad-conditioned pregnant women in the poverty-stricken area in China. Their final purpose is to extend the life and hope.

As a camellia that eagers to blossom amongst her friends, and a leader that calls upon the power of women, Tina Fan is a self-assured, graceful and tenacious person, yet she told me that once upon a time she was shy and neglected. The glorious catwalk and the sparkling young models around used to cast a shadow of inferiority upon her mind.

Quiet as she is, Fan began to plunge herself in the sea of books and absorb as much knowledge as she can to soothe her lonesome mind. The passing years witnessed her adjustment and growth in the business world. At first she was troubled by visiting different customers and sweating palms on a speaking forum, but the years saw her become an eloquent speaker, a talkative tutor on the stage, and a keynote master on critical events.

“Chinese women are expected to be tolerant to use ‘softness’ to conquer ‘hardness’. Actually, only by speaking boldly for yourself and being able to communicate are the ways to realize your own value, and eventually make you more confident and powerful,” she said.

Bloom as the camellia. Let us wish the elegant flower will blossom through the garden of human race and leave their fragrance for the days to come.




同时,她们又是在事业、生活上不断追求平衡和完美的一群人。她们献爱心是对于生命意义的领悟,真心诚意想为更多中国贫困地区身陷重症疾病 和急危孕产妇群众争取黄金急救时间,让生命和希望得以延续。





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