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VANTAGE: What made you want to become lighting designers? VASKU & KLUG: It’s creative and you really can do almost anything with light. We consider the room’s dimensions, the room’s purpose and other design elements that will be incorporated, to ensure the lighting adds a unique element to the space as a whole.

VANTAGE: How do you work together? Is there a clear division of labour? What are your respective strengths?

VASKU & KLUG: It depends on the project. We will review the project parameters together, and then usually one of us has an idea that gets us started. We both have a background in architecture so that helps us think alike. 《贵在上海》:出于什么原因,你们选择成为灯饰设计师?法斯库和克鲁格:因为它非常具有创意性,几乎不受限制。我们会考虑房间的尺寸、用途和其他设计细节,从而让光线成为这个房间整体中的特殊元素并融合进去。



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