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In recent years we’ve witnessed the popularisation of sustainability to an incredible extent, yet experts in the fashion world have been slow to explore how they can play a part. Sometimes it seems the more historic and reputable a brand is, the harder it is to accept the idea. On the contrary, newcomers and younger brands are more in tune to the environmental zeitgeist, and have become the active participators in implementing sustainable design.


Sustainable development is best exemplified through pragmatism-oriented eco-friendly fabrics. G-Star Raw, a denim brand from the Netherlands, introduced G-Star Elwood RFTPi in the lastest collection. As reported, the fabric of the jeans is ‘Gold Star Cradle to Cradle Certifie’ – a classification that promotes recycling in the fashion industry.

It was shared to the Fashion Positive Materials Library affiliated with Cradle to Cradle, which provides the public with free access to the verified materials, and creates infinite possibilities for its future



In terms of technology, these new materials have plenty to boast about. The environment-friendly indigo dyeing technology adopts DyStar pre-processed dye and a new solution to replace the traditional sodium hydrosulphite, thus avoiding chemical pollution. This is a revolutionary process in the fabric dyeing industry, which reduces overall chemical usage by 70%, and indigo dye by 15%.

By employing new technologies and renewable energy, sustainable washing procedures are another avenue through which to reduce waste, recycling up to 98% of the water used and vaporizing the other 2%. The cotton used is 100% organic and naturally sourced, to help maintain both eco-system and human wellbeing. It even forgoes all kinds of rivets and zips, instead using recycled metal buttons.

Last but not least, the collection shows their competitiveness through ingenious design power. In the new season, the brand showcased their developments through a series of iconic jeans that embraced both sustainability and fashion awareness. By leading the charge, labels like G-Star are encouraging fellow fashion moguls to adopt similarly environmentally conscious measures, meaning that consumers won’t need to choose between ethical manufacturing and brand image.



这里面大多数是以“实穿”为主的品牌,这种时装价值观似乎和“可持续发展”融合得最好。来自荷兰的G-STAR RAW在今年的春夏新品中就发布了“新生态牛仔G-Star Elwood RFTPi”。据报道,这款牛仔的面料已通过严苛的认证程序,被Cradle to Cradle产品创新研究所授予Cradle to Cradle Certified™金星级认证,推动了整个时尚产业的循环发展。G-Star与DyStar和 Artistic Milliners在开发这种面料上的合作,也是面料创新与合作的绝佳典范。这种面料被共享给

Cradle to Cradle 产品创新研究所

的Fashion Positive Materials图书馆,这让其他人也可使用这 种认证面料,为将来该面料的推广和应用创造了无限可能。



如今,新的价值观融入很多行业,时尚业也是如此, 潮流之外,更要可持续发展。 Sustainability has penetrated industries, and numerous fashion is no exception.作者Author/编辑Editor:王烨昇Johnny Wang


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