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设计主题的灵感来源于蒂姆·伯顿一部怪诞、黑色幽默的同名电影《火星人玩转地球》,将荒诞、暗黑、科幻等元素提炼融入到设计中,运用同样符合电影基调的高饱和颜色作为此系列视觉色彩爆点,打造出了让人过目不忘的浓郁复古感,并大量采用立体仿手绣花手法为本季设计增加无以伦比的触觉穿搭质感。 Inspired by Tim Burton’s film Mars Attacks, MISHKA infuses absurdity, darkness and sci-fi elements into their collection, igniting a firework display of saturated colours. The result is an array of vintage designs, accompanied by three-dimensional embroidery that added a surprising hint of luxury and edginess.

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