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Vantage Shanghai - - IN FASHION 爱出色 - Burberry @ Dimco Buildings大楼

这一季的Burberry系列,是时装设Bailey 计师Christopher在他们家的最后一场时装秀。大秀当天,原为伦敦中心铁路发电所的现场与其说是一个


United Visual 借助伦敦艺术与设计团体Artists (UVA)的多元感官艺术装置来表达他内心对这个时装系列所寄予的情怀,“跟随时光,观照过往,礼赞当下,展望未来”。现场那件名为《我们的时间》的艺术装置原本由澳大利亚MONA古今美术馆借出,运用运动、光线和声响,研究时间流逝给人带来的主观感受,而用于


UVA艺术家和 秀场的新版本则是由Christopher的合作再设计,装置中的灯光以自有的韵律摆动,与Jimmy Someville、The Bronski Beat Communards和的现场配乐相映成趣。




Aboah、Jean Campbellj和 This season’s

Burberry collection Christopher is Bailey’s final brand, showing for against a the multisensory that forms part installation of a new with United collaboration

Visual Artists

Bailey (UVA). As said, the aim of his swan

Burberry is to song for argue that “time past, celebrates reflects the the present and the future.” heralds

Our Time, a piece from of work on loan the Museum of Old and New

(MONA) in Art Australia, investigates subjective experience the through of the passage movement, of time light and sound, reimagined in and was collaboration

Bailey, to with provide Christopher the backdrop collection. to the runway

The installation’s their own rhythm pendulums swung in time to to Jimmy Somerville, the show’s soundtrack The by Communards Compared to and Bronski Prada, Burberry’s Beat. like show stage multi-media than is merely spatial more models themselves art, on which are part of the the exhibition. Models

Montell Martin,以及2006年首次为品牌拍摄广告大片的Edie Cambell。她们身着全新系列,对经典与风格代码进行重新设计演绎。








Ingo Maurer T


则设在巴黎的 Valentino

Lycée Carnot本季的女装秀场高级中学,这也是法国最负盛名的高中之一。Valentino这一季的女装系列浪漫而富有幻想,而秀场学院式的环境恰恰给这个主题创造了清新而优雅的氛围。 campaign stars Adwoa Aboah, included past and present and Edie Campbell – Jean Campbell, Montell Martin

Burberry campaign in 2006 who appeared in her first revisited past icons – revealed the collection, which the trench coat, the aviator, and house codes, including the military coat as well as the cape, the poncho and introduced new designs. iteration of Burberry’s The Rainbow check, the latest as part of Bailey’s most iconic symbol and designed to minority communities, dedication of his last collection

“My final collection featured throughout the show. to — and in support of — here at Burberry is dedicated organisations supporting some of the best and brightest world,” said Bailey of his minority youth around the has never been a more last project at the house. “There in our diversity lies our important time to say that strength, and our creativity.” also embraces Besides, this particular season site-choosing on other diversified layouts and unique show stages. expressively For instance, Salvatore Ferragamo collection through the layout, voices out the mood of the to feministic features. and meanwhile pays homage runway It’s evident that from the daisy-covered Mauer, they are all influenced to the light show by Ingo

This season saw Valentino by Renaissance maestros. in Lycée Carnot High establishing their show stage high schools in School, one of the most prestigious surprisingly, helps to France. The academic environment, atmosphere for Valentino’s create an elegant and delicate romantic and fantastical garments.


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