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方磊是知名建筑及室内设计师。2009年创建壹舍设计•方磊设计师事务所。从业多年来获得诸多室内设计大奖。他擅长用混搭、冲突等美学手法开发空间的可能性,以表象和内在的矛盾统一来表现设计的本质。方磊认为:设计师思维是感性与理性的结合,设计工作实际是表里不一的呈现。他用成熟的设计技巧简化生活的外在形态,最当代的设计表达中隐约可见建筑语言,饱含个人的生活哲思。在接受媒体采访时,他曾经说过,他追求外表视觉与内里工序合二为一,自然、艺术与人文的结合,以及对设计的敏锐度,直至达到美观和实用共存。他觉得,对于设计,每个人的认知和每个设计师的理解都是不同的。站在他个人的角度,一个好的设计应该以人为核心去考虑,即以人为本,更多地去考虑空间的功能性。Fang Lei is a renowned architectural and interior designer. He established OneHouse Interior Design in 2009 and has won multiple indoor design awards through the years. Fang's expertise is in developing new spatial possibilities through the clashes and contrast of ideas. He regards the central idea of a designer as the combination of sensibility and rationality, while his design is the presentation of that conflict. Fang simplifies the forms of life and deciphers the codes of architecture through his interpretation of the world. He once told the press that he pursues the uniformity of visual and internal forms, the combination of nature, art and humanities and the sensitivity towards objects until the realisation of beauty and practicality. Fang respects the diversity of design language, and he emphasises that good design always focuses on human beings to develop new spatial possibilities.

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