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拉花图案看似繁复有加,但是真正制作咖啡拉花需要的工具并不是想象中那么繁多。主要有咖啡豆、咖啡机、磨豆机、牛奶、拉花缸。制作咖啡最好使用现磨的新鲜咖啡豆,而且咖啡粉的大小粗细对咖啡的风味有很大的影响,所以最好买一部好一点的磨豆机。咖啡机一般是用意式咖啡机,当然如果你经费有限,或者为了操作方便,也可以使用摩卡壶。 Latte art seems to be extremely complex. However, only a simple set of tools is needed to create all those wonderful patterns — coffee beans, a coffee machine, a grinder, milk and a pitcher.

The best coffee must be made with freshly ground coffee, with the grind size having a remarkable impact on taste. So, a high-quality grinder is recommended. Coffee machines usually refer to espresso machines. For a budget and more convenient alternative, a moka pot also works fine.

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