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This is where the soul of traditional Chinese jade culture resides: an intimate corner in a busy urban zone, a special place where Eastern Zen and modern commercialism meets.



The Jade Museum keeps faith with the idea of jade heritage, and endeavours to explore its artisanal culture and international integration. With the aid of creative minds and craftsmanship, the Jade Museum has become a comprehensive platform for appreciation, collection and exchange. Currently there are two locations, Jade Museum West Bund and Jade Museum Xintiandi.

Jade Museum Xintiandi is inspired by Chinese jade and contemporary calligraphy. The space is mainly for traditional jade exhibition, but presented a challenge: how to express a special space with Eastern Zen, but

still integrate into the commercial atmosphere of Xintiandi in a contemporary way?

Although the location is small, designers try to see much in little and deal with the possibilities of limited space abstractly. The experience inside is like in a shadowy painting scene, with the power of nature like waves and thunders of a waterfall. Designers take the simplest sphere as the geometric object of operation, hide the structure and highlight the intention of space. During a very short-time construction period, digital fabrication methods provided quality assurance. When shaping the space, the sphere is understood as one of the basic natural geometries in the language of architecture. The sphere has a unique metaphorical meaning, one that is transcendental in the cultural language. In the context of preserving the original structure space, designers arranged a layout based on the exhibition circulation: the display space 的方式诠释一个既有东方禅思,又能和新天地这种商业氛围融合的特色空间。



is divided by spheres cutting, then re-modelled and finally normalized. Spheres with different scales and proportions, various cutting and integrating solutions and diverse combination methods give a rich and varied atmosphere. As the main theme, jade is metaphorically re-expressed, and the visiting journey as a whole is like walking inside an exquisite jade carving.

Through integration, the original, somewhat blunt geometry is imbued with a lyrical, poetry-like feeling. A traditional single commercial display space was divided into different internal spaces like hall, court, alley, garden and corridor. Meanwhile, the view of the spaces is connected by cavity, valley, hill and lake. The sound focus effect created by the spherical space enhances enhances another experiential dimension. Traditional activities like tea tasting, jade appreciation, aromatic smelling and bamboo listening are available in diverse artistic exhibition space.

Abundant light creates an ink painting-like feeling to the space; meanwhile the gradation of the space gives visitor a nothingness and far-reaching prospect, getting perception and understanding from another dimension. The boundaries of different media like light, shadow, and shape are blurred gradually, forming a seamless integration of perception. Different images collide and overlap in the multi-dimensional space. Although the boundary of light and shadow is supple, the impression is strong, etching deeply into visitors’ minds. A sense of time elapsing seems tangible thanks to varying sceneries and changing viewpoints.

With the relentless pursuit of traditional jade culture and international exploration, Jade Museum revives the timeless treasure of Chinese jade with creative minds and brilliant craftsmanship. Jade Museum also invites you to join their art journey — the life philosophy of living at peace, and appreciating life.


通过合理的融合处理,原本生硬的几何关系拥有了诗歌般的抒情意味。传统单一的商业展示空间被分割成厅、堂、巷、园、廊等不同尺度的内部空间,而空间与空间之间也通过洞、谷、峰、 湖而得以彼此视线连接贯通。球体形成的独特声音聚焦效果亦提升了整个空间的声场趣味,而不仅仅是传统意义的视觉感知。品茗、赏玉、闻香、听竹,传统意味的活动在这样一处多元的艺术交流展示空间里得以实现。





从左图起FROM LEFT内景之传统造园结构Interior’s traditional garden structure外景一隅Exterior facade球形结构的诠释Sphere element

从上图起 FROM TOP二楼空间 Second floor space光影打造水墨般质感 Shadow and light effects三楼露台Third floor terrace

从上图起 FROM TOP球形结构特色Sphere structure建筑外景Exterior of the museum玉石展示陈设Showcase of exhibits

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