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The Exhibition Hall is like a name card for all the exhibits, describing the specialty of the objects exhibited and showing their uniqueness. So, the exhibition hall can be an exquisite art object itself!

Abstract ideas infuse lines with various philosophical meanings, like the footprints we leave behind that await different interpretations. In the One Casa Hall by Onehouse Design, we see lines that have no boundary, but lead to infinite possibilities of spatial interpretation.

One Casa Hall exhibits original furniture and creative designs by Onehouse Design. The designers have eliminated the traditional square layout, and cast their eyes on family scenes as the prototype. Through different combinations of materials and styles, the space is sculpted into an explorational tour of products and their inter-relationship. Based on the guidelines of humanistic and dynamic experience, One Casa intends to create a new aesthetic symbol and a land of surprises and inspirations.

Opening the door, we are first overwhelmed by the concrete texture: a mysterious entrance combined by grey tones–– and shadow. Along with a load-bearing pillar and wall, a triangle structure springs into view and rapidly activates the mood of the entire space.

The reception area features blocks and stereoscopic design, like a black box enclosing the central structure, the storage room and living space into an integral piece. With collocations of different materials, the space leaves a visually vibrant impression.

The central line extends and



计旗下的One Casa展厅里,同样存在一条“线”,没有界限,每个走向都蔓延无数种空间打开方式。

One Casa展厅集中展现其研发的原创家具及创意产品,并突出壹舍品牌形象。设计团队打破原始空间方形格局,以家庭场景化为设计原点,通过不同材质与表现手法,在移步易景的穿梭中完成人对空间、产品的探索与交流。本着以人为尊、动态体验的设计理念,One Casa展厅的愿景,便是探索一种新的审美符号,打造充满惊喜和启发的乐园。




spreads into multiple directions. The wall frame is transferred into a device connecting exhibits and audience, while the process of entering difference sections reflects the choice of individuals – finding the choice made by heart.

The reception area and dining room are connected by metal frames. Tables, chairs and closets quietly fit themselves in the delicate space, and the 360-degree rotatable TV shows its adaptability to the flexible environment.

Cosy and warm colours surround the semi-open living room. Randomly organised paintings and decorations are embodiments of the artistic home.

The customised showing stands on the two sides of living room coordinates with the window panes naturally. They fit alongside sophisticated mattress patterns and visually correlate with the desk and chandelier. Visitors are introduced to a sense of extension through the precise control of ratio.

A bookshelf separates the dining room and bedroom. Two interdependent sections perfectly match with furniture and present the truest aspect of things.

A large area of transparent showcase is extended from the core structure. Tacitly and moderately, it exhibits the interaction with the outdoor view, and meanwhile corresponds with the reception bar on the other side of the black box. Broad and bright window views intuitively connect the building with nature. Below the ceiling, a layer of metal and board conceals the lights and air conditioning units, protecting the integrity of the indoor space.

The restroom is hidden behind the black box, which is also painted in concrete paint. Neat and simple, this is a “breathable” corner. The veranda is well-bedded and adopts a metal fence into the whole view. Thus, the messy urban image is effectively filtered and ensures a serene environment.

The One Casa Hall explores a new style of indoor design. As the designer puts it, “One Casa finds a new balance and integration of home and display space, and the linking lines interpret the unique features of furniture, meanwhile inspiring guests with a longing for better home life.”


金属套口串联起接待区和餐厅,赋予其硬朗精致格调。桌椅柜体恬静融入空间, 360度旋转电视的屏幕角度可切换自如,呈现变幻可塑的自由性。




大面积透明橱窗延伸自核心筒结构,平静且节制的展示方式简洁有力。既能与 外部景致建立映射与交互,又与黑盒子另一端接待吧台呼应。




One Casa展厅运用探索性的设计表达,各功能空间流动分布其中,塑造出丰富情境并形成有机互动,呈现出完整的居家体验。设计师坦言“:One Casa展厅在居家与陈设空间寻求新的融合与平衡,设置线的串联在生活化的场景中诠释家具产品的特性,也激发宾客对空间的观感以及美好生活的憧憬。”

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