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Astronomical objects are evident to the making of calendars. The commonly known Gregorian calendar is set by the earth rotation. This year Panerai transplanted planetary features onto the watchcase and crafted the 50mm L’Astronomo Luminor Tourbillon. Equipped with a tourbillon regulator, calendar and time display, and the sunrise/sunset indication. Additional features includes the double time display, moon phase display and the innovative polarizing crystal system.

On the back of the new L’Astronomo’s P.2005/ GLS movement is a day/night indicator which clearly displays the phases of the moon, by means of a system consisting of two superimposed discs which rotate in combination. The upper disc – which is read by a small external index fixed onto the movement – displays the 24 hours of the day, showing the sun during the hours of daylight and the stars of the sky at night.

As the movement is customized according to the longitude and latitude of the wearer, the moon phase display also changes with the location. Similarly, the sunrise/sunset display varies in the same way. If the wearer’s location is not at his hometown, then the double display system solves the issue. At six o’clock is the linear indicator of the equation of time, which displays the difference between actual time and conventional time on each day, various between ±15 minutes.

In the system patented by Panerai, the tourbillon’s rotation is different from that of the classic tourbillon. The cage of the balance rotates continuously on itself, to correct any alterations caused by gravity and possible friction. The cage rotates on an axis at right angles to the balance, not parallel with it. Also, while the traditional tourbillon rotates once in one minute, that of the calibre rotates once in 30 seconds, and its rotation can be seen by an indicator in the small seconds counter at 9. The higher speed and the particular arrangement of the mechanism mean that any possible alterations of rate are effectively compensated, resulting in more accurate timekeeping.

Besides, Marine Équation Marchante 5887 by Breguet is another case. It displays the conventional time and the actual time by two hands. The hand of the former is decorated with the skeleton gold sun. The hand of the latter has to move smoothly like the former one does and has to automatically adjust the angle with it. The hand of actual is driven by an differential gear powered by two independent rotating frames. One of the frames drives the hand of the average hour and the other is connected to the gear of time equation function which rotates a cycle per year. Moreover, the watch is also equipped with the leap year perpetual calendar, tourbillon and a power reserve up to 80 hours.

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