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The luxurious yacht, however, is by no means a simple purchase. To enjoy a private yacht you need to know the following information.

Purchase Registration:购买登记:

Purchasing a yacht requires a proper registration. The process includes communications with maritime authorities, ship agents and traffic departments. Anyone who would like to purchase a ship must register at the maritime administration first and then order from a ship company.买游艇需要办理船舶登记,办理船舶登记入户程序需与海事、船级社、交通等部门打交道。购买人先到海事部门登记,申请符合规定的船名,再向船厂订购。


After being purchased, you will get a certificate of ownership after maritime authorities validate purchasing contracts. Ship agents then check the yacht and issue qualification certificates and nationality credentials. After that the yacht is qualified to legally enter public water and start its voyage.船出厂后,海事部门核准船舶的购买合同等文件后,才发放船舶所有权证书。船级社检验持有所有权证的船舶合格后,再发放检验合格证书和国籍证书,船舶方能合法下海行驶。

Learning to Sail:学习驾驶:

Anyone who wants to sail a yacht has to get a license in advance, just like driving a car with a driving license. Most yacht clubs offer ship-driving courses, including 5 days of theoretic courses and 10 days of practicing courses.要想驾驭游艇,也要像驾驶车辆一样提前考个游艇驾照。大多的游艇俱乐部提供驾照培训,包括五天的理论课和十天的实操课。

Maritime Safety海域安全:

Boating certificates include type A, B, C and D. Different ships and yachts have different usages and area limitations. For driver’s safety, please obey the rules and regulations and keep the ship within the safety range all the time.船检证书上分A、B、C、D类。标明船主要注意用途以及要使用的水域。不管是从法规的角度还是从驾驶者自身安全的考虑,一艘游艇必须遵守规则,保持在规定区域内航行。

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