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Snowy Finland is perfect for stargazing and winter sports, for example, hiking and skiing. Here, 40 national parks cover the isles, lakeland, forests and mountains. During winter, different sorts of “white sports” enrich the life of the local, entertaining tourists from all over the world. 芬兰的降雪季非常适合旅人去感受一下芬兰的极光星空和冬季运动,比如穿着雪鞋徒步行走或者滑雪。在这里,有40座国家公园遍布在群岛、湖区、森林和山地。长达半年的冬季里,各类“白色的运动”丰富多彩,有雪地摩托、滑冰、冰钓……人们把天寒地冻的日子过得有声有色。

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