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Woman Photographer Shoots Wild Animals, Helps Promote Ecological Protection顾莹:用镜头尊重地球上每一个生命

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Gu Ying, formerly a professional paraglider, is now a wildlife photographer. Gu has spent much time shooting wild animals in Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve, in northwestern China's Qinghai Province, since 2016. "My responsibility and obligations are to record wild animals in a real, comprehensive way, and to reveal the actual living conditions of the animals to the public. I hope the public will learn about the wild animals, and then help protect them," says Gu.顾莹的身上有很多标签——前中国滑翔伞国家队队员、野生生物摄影师、青海可可西里申遗特邀摄影师和可可西里野生动植物保护协会副秘书长,她说自己的责任和义务是真实、全方位地记录野生动物,树立大众对野生动物正确的认知和保护意识。

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