'True and Free' in Ink-and-wash Paintings


Women of China (English) - - ARTS SCENE |艺术空间 - HONG YU 红鱼Photos Supplied by MA JINGJING 供图:马菁菁

Painting and writing are must-do things in Ma Jingjing's everyday life. She likes to create interesting ink-and-wash paintings, which make people feel relaxed and happy as they look at her works. Says Ma: "The process of painting eventually ends at spectators' appreciation of an artist's works. Spectators have enough freedom to decide how they look at, appreciate and comment on an artist's works. As time goes by, spectators will naturally find something special, like a 'bonus,' from those works."画画和写作是马菁菁生活里必不可少的部分。她的画主要表达的是“有趣”,希望给人一种放松的感觉,让大家走走神,这是挺高兴的事。诚如她所说,“绘画终究是观看的艺术,你尽可以随意观看,想怎么看就怎么看,想怎么说就怎么说,时间久了,自然就有惊喜的大彩蛋砸到你。”

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