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Women can improve their appearance by dressing elegantly and applying cosmetics. But how can they properly display and maintain their feminine features, which reflect women's unique attractiveness?如果说女人需要通过精细的打扮来获得美丽的容貌,那么女人美丽的真谛——女人味,更需要柔润呵护来获取,而拥有女人味的美是具有魅力和吸引力的质感美。

Many women pursue beauty throughout their lives. When they are young, they wear makeup and fashionable clothes. While they are growing older, they realize that a healthy body is the source of true beauty. The improvement of physical health is the secret that helps women maintain their feminine charm.

With the development of cell biology, more experts and scholars have paid attention to the research of mucous cells. Mucus in the nose, mouth, stomach and other organs in the body prevents these organs from becoming dry. Mucus also helps immunize against infection and functions as a lubricant. Many

mucous membranes cover the outside of a woman's reproductive organs and produce mucus.

The health of the reproductive system is crucial for a woman to keep her body young. A healthy reproductive system involves normal secretion of sex hormones and mucus.

If the secretion of mucus in a woman's reproductive system is reduced or out of balance, the woman's skin will have problems and/or she will begin to age.

As a result, women should pay more attention to their reproductive health, to keep their skin perfect, and to maintain their charm, especially when they are with their husbands.

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