Dong Qing: Perfect, and Lonely

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Dong Qing, with CCTV (China Central Television), is considered one of the best television hosts in China. She exudes dignity, intelligence and elegance — especially in the eyes of her viewers. "I feel a little pressure when people put those good tags on me. But it is also a driving force. I will keep improving myself," she says. Dong strives for perfection in the workplace, say her friends and colleagues. The quality of her work is always high, even after very long hours of work. She says she is used to the loneliness at home, compared with her time in front of the camera. She believes anyone can change and redefine his or her dreams. "I think achieving one's dream means you have done something that redefines your life. I tell myself that I should do valuable things, and deliver valuable information and meaningful emotions," she said.

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