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Leaders of the China Women Development Foundation (CWDF) recently dispatched vans, with medical equipment, to Fusong, a county in Baishan, a city in Northeast China's Jilin Province, to provide (for free) healthcare services to pregnant and lying-in women. Staff on the vans also provided medical consultations and counseling on the prevention and treatment of frequently occurring diseases (such as hypertension and diabetes) to women.

The Project of Health Express for Mothers was launched on July 12, 2003. The project, sponsored by the All-china Guangxi Returned Scholars' Friendship Association, told media that Guangxi Returned Scholars' Chamber of Commerce, a nongovernmental organization composed of businesspeople, who had studied abroad, was established in 2010. The chamber provides services to returned overseas Chinese, to help them start their own businesses. Wu said women account for about 60 percent of the chamber's total members. Many of the women have played roles in promoting the development of women and children's welfare, to repay society for the care and assistance they have received. Women's Federation (ACWF) and the National Working Committee for Children and Women (NWCCW) under the State Council, is administered by CWDF. Its purpose is to improve access to medical care for rural mothers in povertystricken areas. The foundation and Baishan Women's Federation hosted the ceremony to launch the project. The event was held in Fusong's Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Zheng Qiang, Secretary of Fusong's Party (Communist Party of China) Committee, stressed greater efforts should be made to improve women's health, which matters a great deal to the promotion of social stability and social and economic development. He also said he hoped cadres of Fusong Women's Federation would publicize more information about the project. He also urged the hospital to provide qualified doctors and nurses, and advanced medical equipment, so the project could be implemented smoothly.

After the ceremony concluded, doctors made a special trip to Fusheng, a village in Fusong County, to provide free healthcare counseling to women, to explain how the women could prevent and treat their diseases (such as hypertension and diabetes). The doctors also offered (for free) more than 1,000 yuan (US $149) worth of medicines to the women.

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