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Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, and 37 spouses of African heads of State and government attended a China-africa meeting on HIV/AIDS prevention and control in Beijing on September 4. China, African countries and relevant international organizations in 2019 will implement a three-year, Hiv/aids-prevention project that will target adolescents and health promotion, Peng said. Making concerted efforts against HIV/AIDS has become a global effort, Peng said, adding, cooperation between China and Africa in this regard has been effective. She also reviewed her work as the World Health Organization (WHO) Goodwill Ambassador for Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

The Institute of Population and Labor Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Vinda International Holdings Limited jointly issued the 2018 Family and Parent-child Relationship Report on September 4. The report was based on a survey of 4,300 mothers of children aged under 12 across China. Among them, 73 percent of the mothers said they believed that having two children was an ideal situation for a family regardless of the cost of raising the children. Some 12 percent of mothers said they were not willing to have a second child. Two-thirds of the mothers said they were good at financial management and investments, and one-fourth of the mothers said they earned more money than their spouses.

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