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Inventors and Manufacturers' Association hosts the event once a year in Strasbourg (a city in France). Li's work earned her first prize, for creative designs, during the 111st exhibition, which was held in 2012. The exhibition's judges said Li's work was exquisite beyond compare. Li also received an award for her technological invention of cloisonne glaze during the event.

Li's work, A Young Woman in Spring, earned her first prize, for crafts, during the 34th Artexpo New York, which was held in 2012. The item, which vividly depicted a young woman carrying a basket (used to contain fruits and vegetables picked from a field) on her shoulder, gave the impression of an idyllic pastoral life. The woman's gorgeous skirt was decorated with colorful flowers.

In another work, Dancing Like a Butterfly, Li depicted a young woman dancing elegantly. When she created the work, she used the skills of making cloisonne and filigree-inlaid items. The item earned Li first prize, for creative designs, during the 112nd New Technology & Entrepreneurship Exhibition, which was held in Strasbourg in 2013.

As the old Chinese saying goes, "Those who work hard will be rewarded." Li's efforts to improve her craft-making skills have paid off, as Gianni Versace SPA (one of the world's leading international fashion design houses in Milan) has signed a contract with her to make cloisonne accessories for Versace's fashionable dresses. Given her superb workmanship, many European art collectors have collected Li's artworks. As Li and her employees developed their business, orders for their cloisonne works flooded in from all over the world.

Despite her advanced age, Li takes delight in designing and creating more, better crafts, especially those integrated with both modern and traditional cultural elements.

Li Peiqing was born in 1953 in Beijing. During the past four decades, she has created numerous elegant cloisonne items, many of which embody the unique charm of contemporary Oriental aesthetics. In recognition of Li's contributions to the promotion of the development of the traditional Chinese craft of making cloisonne works, the World Artists' Appraisal and Certification Committee (WAACC) in 2012 named her an international master of arts and crafts. In 2014, she was named a craftswoman creating gifts presented to China's State guests.

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