Wanfenglin: Where Travelers Can Feast Eyes on Karst Landscape


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Wanfenglin (which literally means forest of 10,000 peaks) Scenic Spot is located in Xingyi, a city in Qiandongnan Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, in southwestern China's Guizhou Province. Wanfenglin is noted for its beautiful scenery, most notably its karst geological landscape. It is known as the "museum of cone karst" in China.万峰林位于贵州省兴义市东南部,是国内最大、最典型的喀斯特峰林,堪称中国锥状喀斯特博物馆。万峰林气势磅礴,景观奇特,明代旅行家徐霞客就曾到过万峰林,赞叹:“天下山峰何其多,惟有此处峰成林”。

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