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Does your spotted face and/or sore throat make you upset? Do you often feel sluggish? If so, do you have trouble pinpointing the cause or causes of the issues? According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, dampness can occur in the body if organic liquids (in addition to blood) that moisten and lubricate the body accumulate and get stuck. That problem may manifest as the above-mentioned symptoms.不知道从什么时候开始,你发觉自己一身的毛病:长斑长痘、便溏便秘、体困身乏、胸闷无力、咽喉肿痛,你不甘心被这些问题折磨,却束手无策。究其原因,很可能都是因为湿气重。

Wu Lixin, an expert in Chinese medicine, explains that various habits, such as sleeping late, eating a lot of meat and/or drinking alcohol, result in dampness (stagnation of body fluids). Stress and humid weather also result in dampness, Wu says.

He says dampness leads to arthritis and various gynecological diseases, and it slows down metabolism and damages the kidneys, which results in obesity and swelling. It also negatively affects a person's bowel movements, adds Wu.

Many people believe seeds of Job's tears, a kind of grain like rice, and red beans, can resolve dampness. Products that contain those ingredients generally sell well. But, Wu notes, those ingredients are only beneficial if they are cooked in

the right way. So, how can we effectively resolve dampness and stay healthy? Good habits are important. One should live a regular life, and that includes eating a balanced diet. Women should pay special attention to their reproductive health.

Snow lotus, from Tianshan Mountain, in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is a precious herb that contains protein, amino acid and vitamin C. The snow lotus, which is hot by nature, has been used to produce medicine that help treat rheumatism and gynecological diseases.

The sanitary pad produced by Lotus Island uses the snow lotus, and it contains the essence of 12 kinds of Chinese herbs. It helps women maintain their reproductive health.

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