Promoting Gender Equality in Job Market


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Ensuring men and women have equal job opportunities is the essential prerequisite to women achieving economic independence and their all-round development. A team, composed of cadres with Shenyang Women's Federation and Shenyang Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, recently conducted an inspection tour of several regions in Shenyang, capital of Northeast China's Liaoning Province, to monitor the regions' efforts to promote gender equality in job market. The team visited several organizations that provide services related to human resources and social security, to learn about the situation in the local job market. During the visits, the team read notices about recruiting employees, issued by employment agencies.

The team's members hosted symposiums, during which they heard suggestions — from departments of human resources and social security, at all levels in Shenyang, jobmarket-supervisory organizations, centers and websites that provide information about job opportunities, organizations that help employers and employees resolve disputes over job-related issues, and from foreign enterprises, State-owned enterprises, privately run enterprises and other organizations (in Shenyang) — on how to eliminate work-related gender discrimination and how to create a favorable environment for promoting the harmonious development of men and women.

The team commended the municipal government for its achievements in implementing the laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of women's job-related rights and interests. The team also learned Shenyang hosted, every year during the past few years, more than 1,000 activities to offer job opportunities to residents. In 2017, about 87,000 women (in Shenyang) found jobs. The women accounted for more than 52 percent of the total number of newly employed residents.

The team urged the organizations, which attended the symposiums, to make greater efforts to promote implementation of the laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of women's job-related rights and interests, and to ensure men and women have equal opportunities to find jobs and/or start businesses. The inspection "added fuel to the flame" of Shenyang's efforts to eliminate workrelated gender discrimination, ensuring women to receive equal job opportunities and equal pay for equal work.

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