Establishing Baby-care Rooms in Forbidden City


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The Palace Museum recently established wellequipped baby-care rooms. In addition to a toilet exclusively for mothers and babies, the museum set up three breastfeeding rooms. Each room is equipped with a table panel, a wash basin, bottle warmers and comfortable chairs. The museum has arranged for its women employees to help, free of charge, mothers take care of their babies.

Shan Jixiang, Curator of the Palace Museum, told media the museum will provide quality services to mothers (with infants and/or young kids), to showcase Chinese society's respect and care for women, and to promote the construction of a harmonious society.

The baby care rooms are decorated with creative cultural products and ornaments, with the patterns of auspicious legendary animals, including lions, elephants, cranes, tortoises and kylins. A small store, which is beside the rooms, offers toys and creative cultural products for babies.

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