Promoting Family Education Legislation

江西家庭教育促进条例将于12 月 1日起实施

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Family education is related to individuals' interests, families' wellbeing and the overall capacity building of a country. Women's federations, at all levels in many regions in China, and other organizations during the past few years have conducted various activities to promote family education.

During the Sixth Session of the Standing Committee of the 13th Municipal People's Congress (held on September 30), Jiangxi Province (in East China) adopted the Regulations on the Promotion of Jiangxi's Family Education. The Regulations will take effect on December 1. the responsibilities and obligations of parents or guardians to educate their minor children. The regulations stipulate people's governments, above the county level in Jiangxi Province, should include the development plan of family education in the region's economic and social development plans. Also, the governments should establish a system to provide guidance and services related to family education.

The regulations also outline the basic principles of family education, and identify the administrative organs and institutions that provide guidance and services related to family education.

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