157 Million Yuan for NGOS' Aids-control Projects

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An estimated 157 million yuan (US $22.75 million) has been allocated by the Chinese Government for Aids-control projects managed by nongovernmental organizations (NGOS) in the past three years, according to the China AIDS Fund for Nongovernmental Organizations (CAFNGO), under the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, on November 26. The money has helped fund more than 1,700 projects operated by nearly 1,000 NGOS across China, said Wang Peng, an official with CAFNGO'S management board. Between 2016 and June 2018, about 820,000 people were encouraged by representatives of the NGOS' projects to take HIV tests, which led to the identification of more than 23,000 new HIV carriers, Wang said. The CAFNGO, established in July 2015, receives 50 million yuan (US $7.25 million) from the Chinese Government (allocated in the central budget) annually. It also receives money from private donors.

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