Saying No to Domestic Violence

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November 25 marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. According to a recent report, released by the China Justice Big Data Research Institute, 91.43 percent of domesticviolence-related divorce cases during the past two years involved men committing domestic violence against women. Among the concluded divorce cases in the past two years, 14.86 percent of the cases were related to domestic violence.

Zheng Ziyin, a lawyer with Guangzhou Lawyers Association, suggested China should provide professional social services to follow up on domestic violence cases, to prevent offenders from causing victims to suffer more serious injuries. Women Account for More than 40% of China's Workforce

Women accounted for 43.5 percent of China's total workforce at the end of 2017, higher than the goal of 40 percent set in the Outline for the Development of Chinese Women (2011-2020), according to a report recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics.

There were more than 15 million professional and/or technical women employees in publicly owned enterprises and institutions last year, and those women accounted for 48.6 percent of the total number of employees in China. Of those women, more than 1.79 million women held senior positions, an increase of 773,000 compared with 2010.

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