A Small Village's Development

Xiaonanhe Village Committee's Secretary Promotes Tourism, Helps Villagers Escape Poverty 冷菊贞:为了一个小山村的“成长”

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Leng Juzhen attended the 12th National Women's Congress of China (NWC), as a delegate, from October 30 to November 2, 2018. It was the first time she attended a national women's congress. She is first secretary of the village committee and leader of the work team of Xiaonanhe, a village in Raohe County, in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. During an interview after the congress, Leng told Women of China (WOC) that she shouldered the great responsibility of spreading the 12th NWC'S spirit to women in her village. She said she hoped the women would have passion and clear goals, and that they would have support in their efforts to hold up "half the sky" in their fight against poverty.金秋时节,冷菊贞作为代表参加了中国妇女第十二次全国代表大会,这也是她第一次参加全国妇女代表大会。身为黑龙江省饶河县小南河村驻村第一书记和工作队长,她深感责任重大。她希望把中国妇女十二大的精神第一时间传达给小南河村的妇女群众,让她们在创业中有目标、有激情、有保障,真正撑起脱贫攻坚的“半边天”。

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