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Women of China (English) - - FEATURES |关注 - YE SHAN 叶珊Photos Supplied by Huaxia Zhencui Juan Production Team 供图:《华夏珍萃卷》制作团队

Did you ever imagine that precious cultural relics — regarded as "national treasures" — could be animated images, and even have voices? What would it be like if those relics could talk and sing? Earlier this year, a group of young Chinese produced a music video, entitled Huaxia Zhencui Juan (literally means "a scroll of essences dating from ancient China"). The video presented melodies, lyrics and cartoon images that depicted 12 cultural relics introduced in the TV program, National Treasure. The video, released online in October, became a near-immediate hit. Many viewers have since deepened their love for, and interest in, Chinese cultural relics.你可曾想象过,一件件国宝级文物可以说话唱歌?一群热爱国家宝藏和古风音乐的年轻人,通过《华夏珍萃卷》聚在一起,将文物知识策划成古风歌曲MV,让国宝“活”起来的同时,也让更多人了解文物、爱上文物。

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