Combating Domestic Violence


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Xiangyang (a city in Central China's Hubei Province) Women's Federation, Xiangyang's Intermediate People's Court, Xiangyang Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Xiangyang's Justice, Public Security and Civil Affairs bureaus recently promulgated the suggestions on how to eliminate domestic violence.

The suggestions define the responsibilities of the abovementioned organizations in eliminating domestic violence:

A police station must send police officers to the scene of an incident within a short time after the station receives a report of domestic violence, so the officers can stop the violence and issue a warning to the perpetrator. The officers should question the victim and the witness(es) to obtain evidence of the violence and impose a penalty on the perpetrator in accordance with the law. The officers should also send the victim to a hospital or a healthcare center for treatment, and entrust an injury and disability identification agency to conduct injury identification for the victim. The station should notify and help the civil affairs department provide a shelter for the victim, if he/ she is seriously injured and is faced with the threat of personal safety;

Xiangyang's Civil Affairs Bureau should offer guidance to Xiangyang's Salvation Administer Station, to help the station establish a work mechanism, so the station's employees can work with workers with other organizations, to provide various services, including healthcare, psychological counseling, legal assistance and marriage and family mediation services, to victims of domestic violence;

Xiangyang's Justice Bureau should offer guidance to Xiangyang's Judicial Authentication Agency, to help the agency establish Xiangyang's Domestic Violence Injury Identification Center;

Xiangyang Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning should require hospitals and/ or healthcare centers to provide timely treatment to victims of domestic violence and to keep the victims' medical records, from which the public security departments can obtain evidence;

People's courts, at all levels in Xiangyang, should issue restraining orders to victims of domestic violence, to protect their safety and property, or reject their requests for such protection within 72 hours (or 24 hours under emergency circumstances) after receiving an application for protection; and

Xiangyang Women's Federation should establish a hotline, through which women and/or children, who are victims of domestic violence, can seek legal assistance in protecting their rights and interests. The federation's workers may, if necessary, offer psychological counseling to victims and/or perpetrators of abuse.

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