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3. Encore sky Casino


“When you enter through the beautiful mahogany wood double doors of the Encore Sky Casino, the gaming rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, so you have this amazing view of the city from the 63rd floor. There is nothing like this anywhere in the city—it is out-of-this-world amazing. The Sky Casino has five private gaming salons with two dining rooms, and you can choose the combinatio­n of games you want and the rooms you want them in. It’s very high-end, and it’s how we cater to our very special guests and their needs. And it’s reserved for you alone, so you don’t have the noise of any other customer. You can pick the music, the food, the drink, the staff. Here the guests can count on having a staff member that speaks their language, who knows their names—all those little things we take care of. Plus, if you were staying in that tower, you wouldn’t have to go to the main floor; you just get in the elevator, use your key, and go up to the top. It’s all about customer service.”

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