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2. guest rooms


"When i'm at the resort to work on the show, i often stay for long stretches—my longest was six weeks. i usually stay in the Tower suites, which are lovely, and all the rooms are spacious and open, with beautiful views, whether strip side or golf course side. They're some of the largest rooms in Las vegas and laid out beautifull­y. after a long day of rehearsal, i long to sit in a hot, deep bath; the waterfall faucets make you feel like you're in your own private spa. Before i arrived, i’d been having back problems, waking up every hour in the night. every room at the resorts has an amazing, firm, pillow-top 'Dream Bed.' i slept better than ever before in my life—so i bought two for my home! Now, whether i'm home or at Wynn, i'm sleeping on a Dream Bed."

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