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- By michael kaplan

There’s no resting on your laurels for Wynn nightlife: When you get to the top, it’s time to innovate.

Few music lovers, movie stars, or devoted revelers care how the magic is made in las Vegas’s clubs; they just want to be assured it will happen. So resident nightlife experts Jesse Waits and Sean christie leave little to chance, carefully managing the operations at Wynn and encore and ensuring a flawless season ahead. in preparatio­n for the monstrous beats and heart-stopping drops, the sun-dappled afternoons by the pool and steamy sessions on the dance floor, the two have upgraded their clubs, secured stellar DJ lineups, and even given the talent a

little wardrobe makeover. Perhaps best exemplifyi­ng the philosophy that permeates Wynn is the $10 million upgrade inside the hallmark nightspot Xs—which was built at a cost of $100 million only six years ago. “That’s just the way we do things at Wynn,” says Waits, XS’S Managing Partner. “Mr. Wynn has ingrained in us a way of thinking and being that involves making improvemen­ts before they’re really necessary. His philosophy of always doing the best and sparing little expense has become part of the culture throughout the various clubs on property. We’re always looking to be ahead of the curve and to provide features before our customers realize that they want them.” Gilding its reputation as one of the top spots for seeing world-class DJS, XS has added a host of high-tech flourishes in the club and throughout the adjacent pool area. Offering a taste of the enhancemen­ts, Waits mentions cannons shooting balls of fire over the pool and laser beams zapping from one end of the club to the other. “Inside we have the lasers drawing designs and writing out the DJS’ logos,” he says. “Outside there are more lasers, along with LED monitors in the trees. That way everybody at the club—whether they’re inside or out—gets something special. We’re going to have 14,000 LED nodes,

“We’re not creating a concert hall; we’re bolstering DJ culture with good energy and a strong vibe.” — jesse waits

which are basically small balls of computeriz­ed light. They’re scattered around the club and synced up. The idea is for the lights to basically tell a story.” And as for those cannons, they’re real and powerful. Marvels Waits, “You feel the heat when those things go off!” The DJS will benefit from upgrades of their own, with the booth turned into a virtual theater, fronted by screens displaying high-definition footage and prepping the crowd for dramatic sets. As megahot entertaine­rs such as Avicii and Kaskade are introduced, the screens drop and the beat-driven action begins. “Our technology is something you will feel as an experience; we want it to be subtle rather than a force that overwhelms you,” Waits explains. “People like to mingle and chat and interact with their friends. We’re doing a lot to enhance the experience of coming to XS, but we’re also maintainin­g nightclub integrity. It’s about being social. We’re not creating a concert hall; we’re bolstering DJ culture with good energy and a strong vibe.” The fresh touches at the nearby Encore Beach Club become evident as soon as you enter this stunning poolside paradise inspired by the best of St-tropez. “Every server working at Encore Beach Club will have a custom bikini from Luli Fama,” says Sean Christie, Managing Partner of Surrender, Encore Beach Club, and the steps-away restaurant Andrea’s. “We’re rolling bar carts outside the club so that people can get drinks while they wait in line to get in. There have been technologi­cal upgrades,

and you can expect more opportunit­ies to see our top DJS. Rather than having superstars like Avicii and Kaskade only playing Saturdays at the Beach Club, you’ll also be able to see them on Fridays and Sundays.” Wynn’s DJ lineup for the coming season is deep, masterful, and compelling. The stellar posse of music makers locked down by XS, Tryst, Surrender, and Encore Beach Club has pushed electronic dance music to the next level. Besides Avicii and Kaskade, they include Diplo, David Guetta, Zedd, Skrillex, and deadmau5. “Sean and I went all out on talent,” says Waits. “Las Vegas right now focuses on the big guys. People want to see DJS that they hear on the radio. We’re going to have top talent every week.” Christie adds that it’s not always the scheduled performers who make nights at Wynn so memorable: “Because of the synergy between all the clubs, we often have nights where all kinds of entertaine­rs and celebritie­s converge onstage at the same time.” Pressed for an example, Christie reaches for a big one: “After Michael Phelps won all those Olympic medals, we held his retirement party at Encore Beach Club. As Michael was coming into the DJ booth to meet David Guetta, Mr. and Mrs. Wynn were walking in as well. All of them ended up in the DJ booth at the same time, jumping up and down to the music. It was three generation­s of people who had achieved amazing things in their lives.” Beyond all the big stuff—like the air-conditioni­ng in the cabanas or the impeccable bottle presentati­ons at XS or the water in the Encore Beach Club pool being turned over every 15 minutes—it’s the ability to create an allinclusi­ve party that really contribute­s to the ongoing success of the nightclubs and beach club at Wynn Las Vegas and Wynn Encore, says Waits. “When big moments take place—like the time that Usher, Chris Brown, and One Direction all came to celebrate Skrillex’s birthday at XS—I really feel good to see all the people in the club going crazy, snapping iphone photos, posting to social media. The stars have aligned and everybody’s having a really good time. That is what makes it fun and satisfying to run a club. It’s what drew me into this business in the first place.” n

“Because of the synergy between all the clubs, we often have nights where all kinds of entertaine­rs and celebritie­s converge onstage at the same time.” — sean christie

 ??  ?? Ludacris gets the crowd pumping at Surrender in March.
Ludacris gets the crowd pumping at Surrender in March.
 ??  ?? Moonlit poolside VIP cabanas at Surrender.
Moonlit poolside VIP cabanas at Surrender.
 ??  ?? Bottle service at XS.
Bottle service at XS.
 ??  ?? Managing Partner Jesse Waits at XS.
Managing Partner Jesse Waits at XS.
 ??  ?? DJ David Guetta at XS.
DJ David Guetta at XS.
 ??  ?? Encore Beach Club.
Encore Beach Club.

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