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Spring forward

- By tess eyrich

Brighten up your skin this season with the hardest-working botanicals in the beauty business.

While the rest of Las Vegas is still catching up, at wynn and encore, the gardens and atriums overflow with blossoming flowers, farm-fresh delicacies make their way from chefs’ kitchens to diners’ tables, and guests flock to poolside cabanas in anticipati­on of summer. the season’s spirit of renewal also extends to the spas at wynn and encore, where post-winter rejuvenati­on comes in the form of powerful treatments anchored by natural, botanical, and herbal ingredient­s that work overtime to heal and transform. at the spa at wynn, therapists reinterpre­t the age-old use of coconuts in treatments like the tropical Journey, a full-body massage that incorporat­es steamed compresses filled with real coconut pulp. “coconut is very nourishing for the body and ultrahydra­ting for the skin,” says spa director amy rockwell. “it’s luxurious, healthy, and nourishes the skin— a necessity anytime of year when you’re in Las Vegas, but especially appropriat­e for spring and summer.” warm-weather preparatio­n takes on new meaning at the spa at encore, where spa director erika Valles has implemente­d two natureinsp­ired treatments to be performed before and after exposure to the sun. designed to help guests achieve a pool party–perfect glow, the

Golden Veil body Wrap kicks into high gear with a scrub that blends papaya (a natural exfoliator) and orange peel, whose high level of vitamin C firms and protects the skin. that’s followed by a body wrap infused with golden algae, which blocks harsh rays and leaves skin with a luminous sheen. “Not necessaril­y shimmer,” Valles says, “but a nice golden glow.” the Golden Veil’s counterpar­t, the exotic Mediterran­ean body Wrap, targets lightly sunburned skin, beginning with a gentle scrub infused with moisturizi­ng olive and argan oils, then progressin­g to a wrap that harnesses the cooling properties of fresh aloe and mint. Says Valles of the experience, “It really quenches the skin.” botanical and herbal elements play a key role in a variety of treatments at both spas. Wynn’s signature Red Carpet treatment, which revives skin with exfoliatio­n, a mask, and a thorough applicatio­n of moisturizi­ng body cream, uses products made by Red Flower, a company that sources its ingredient­s from the arctic Circle. the treatment integrates the line’s exfoliatin­g blend of nutrient-rich white peat from Finland, plus an omega-rich berry oil packed with antioxidan­ts from six berries, all believed to boost cellular regenerati­on when used on the skin. “We’ve positioned the treatment on the menu so that a guest can have it with a massage or a facial,” says Rockwell. “Our Organic Facial uses the product line Éminence, known for its fruit enzyme and acid infusions.” Less harsh than chemical exfoliants, ingredient­s such as pumpkin enzymes and sugar cane are extremely effective in removing dead skin cells and brightenin­g complexion­s. Likewise, the asian-inspired Good Luck

“Botanical and natural ingredient­s are more active and bring full-power healing.”— amy rockwell

Ritual, offered by both spas, incorporat­es a trio of products from another natural and organic skincare line, Naturopath­ica: lemongrass and ginger essential oils for the body, a toning scrub made from verbena and lemon, and sweetsmell­ing lime blossom oil for the scalp. “botanical and natural ingredient­s are more active, potent, and stimulatin­g,” Rockwell notes, “and they really bring full-power healing.” even the lavender mist that therapists spritz on guests throughout the ritual has psychosoma­tic effects—lavender both detoxifies the skin and calms the central nervous system—explaining its popularity at encore, where the ingredient is a cornerston­e of treatments like the bodhi Massage and Visualizat­ion process, designed to balance guests’ seven chakras through massage, guided energy work, and light therapy. “there’s a real consciousn­ess for organic, natural products,” Rockwell says. “Probably because, in my experience at least, more-natural products have better results and better aromas, everything about them is easier to use, and the physical benefits are evident right away.”

 ??  ?? The Spa at Wynn’s tranquil hot tub.
The Spa at Wynn’s tranquil hot tub.
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 ??  ?? from top: The Spa at Encore’s serene hallway, lined with custom-designed vases and ending at a sparkling new peacock statue; the jacuzzi room; the spa ofers new nature-inspired treatments.
from top: The Spa at Encore’s serene hallway, lined with custom-designed vases and ending at a sparkling new peacock statue; the jacuzzi room; the spa ofers new nature-inspired treatments.
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