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1. the fabrics


“Wynn and Encore utilize soft materials throughout, and this is extraordin­arily rare within public spaces. These rich and inviting surfaces are found in valances, lighting fixtures, and wall coverings. Mr. Wynn and Roger Thomas [Executive Vice President of Design for Wynn Design and Developmen­t] accomplish this beautifull­y. The use of fabrics is really tough in interior surfaces, because they drape differentl­y over their time, and they’re fairly transient in terms of color fading. They’re tricky and require fastidious cleaning and maintenanc­e. What’s really amazing at Wynn is that all the interior soft goods are impeccable. They’re maintained to the point that they look like they did the day they were installed. Other individual­s would make the choice to not use them—they would do hard surfaces that would be cleaned with some caustic cleaner. But Mr. Wynn is a designer’s designer, as is Roger Thomas. And they offer that familiarit­y—that you can trust that you’re gonna go in and it looks and smells and feels exactly like it should, like it was intended, like the day we opened. And so what happens is, it makes you feel as excited every time.”

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