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3. the base


“What’s so hard in today’s world of so much informatio­n is establishi­ng simplicity and a wholistic clarity to what one is trying to do. And Mr. Wynn has this—there’s a feeling that surrounds the choices he makes. There’s a familiarit­y to it, but he’s always surprising you. Mr. Wynn has a very specific chocolate brown used in various ways throughout his properties. This brown is rich and strong, like his voice. To me it’s his use of the nuance of brown through the interiors that is really gorgeous. It’s become familiar and is a strong base to support the vivid use of rich primary colors. Like Rembrandt would use this brown and then build on it—he was famous for it. But it’s a misunderst­ood color, and one of the most varied in the spectrum. It can be warm, it can be cool, it can be light, it can be rich. It is actually a very tricky color. But it’s a good base, like the velvet that Tiffany puts their jewels on.”

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