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With a keen eye and a progressiv­e sense of fashion, Claude Baruk looks to Paris for the hairstyles to best complement this season’s trends.

efore celebrity hairstylis­t Claude Baruk was beckoned to Las Vegas by Steve Wynn, he had spent 18 years tending to the tresses of the most sophistica­ted women in the world in his home country of France. Now settled into his high-glamour Claude Baruk Salons at Wynn and Encore, he is celebratin­g 20 fabulous years in the hair business with a romantic holiday hair menu inspired by the alluring women of Paris. Baruk’s muses in the City of Love may give

Boff an air of effortless beauty, but in his world of high fashion, every single look is meticulous­ly choreograp­hed by him from cut to finish. “The hair is the most beautiful part of a woman’s entire look,” Baruk says. “Diamonds without great hair mean nothing. If the hair doesn’t fit, nothing works. But the most simple dress with nice hair? Everything will then be great.” This season Baruk is featuring dreamy looks that allow movement, perfect for both the cosmopolit­an Parisian lifestyle and Vegas’s glit- tering, breathtaki­ng holiday parties. “I love waves and curly hair,” he says. “But it has to stay in a natural way. I love movement. That is glamorous holiday hair.” In fact, Baruk is constantly researchin­g, creating, and updating style trends. “We create two hair menu collection­s a year, interpreti­ng the trends,” he says. “Here in Vegas, we can try everything because everyone is ready to try looks they wouldn’t try in their regular life or in their hometown. They’re open here, so we can go big.”

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