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Romantic chignon


inspiratio­n: “The ‘naturally straight with heavy bangs’ look—this is the night version! It shows of a woman’s pure beauty.” Plac Placecapti­on Hrer plac how to wear ecaptit: “This ion is hereplacef­or a sophistica­ted, captionher­e romantic night placecapti­onout.” hhrer plac ecapt how he createsion hereplacei­t: “Keep the captionher­eheavy bangs with texturized placecapti­onends. Put the her hair eplacein a ponytail in the middle ecaptionof the head, Hrer and plac twist ecapt the hair around the ponytailio­n hereplacei­nto a nice captionher­echignon that is natural yet elegant.” placecapti­onn hereplace

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