藝術家Peter Luke負責製作le Rêve – The Dream夢幻秀的舞台佈景,為永利拉斯維加斯以及世界各地創作了眾多繁花似錦的畫作。Le Rêve – The Dream rig­ger and artist Peter Luke cre­ates ex­u­ber­ant can­vases that hang at Wynn Las Ve­gas, and around the world.

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藝術家Peter Luke負責製作Le Rêve –"The Dream夢幻秀的舞台佈景,並為永利拉斯維加斯以及世界各地創作了眾多繽紛生動的畫作。

「在酒店裡戴兩頂帽子可以說是一件雅事。」Peter Luke笑著說,一邊伸手去拿Le Rêve – The Dream夢幻秀的紀念品咖啡杯,開始喝早晨第一杯咖啡。Luke負責製作這個永利拉斯維加斯的皇牌節目的舞台佈景,他早早起床來到他的藝術工作室,在那裡度過工作日的其中半天。只要Luke不用在幕後監督跟進演員們的安全,他都會來這裡,投身於擺滿畫筆的桌子、顏料瓶和未完成的畫作之中。Luke和妻子Cyn­thi­a以及三個兒子住在北拉斯維加斯,工作室就是他家中的車庫。工作室地板上毫不意外地濺滿了各色顏料, Luke偶爾會分心在一幅畫著紐約時代廣場的大型畫布上,作品看起來已經接近完成,但他說是「仍在進行中的工作」。他這樣描述創作過程:「我通常先畫好背景,其後的創作完全隨機。」Luke以一張照片為靈感開始創作,他會把腦海中出現的所有顏色都融入到作品中,使作品跳脫常規。他沒有專業美術背景,僅滿懷對繪畫的熱情,祖父是插畫家和漫畫家,所以可能還加上了一點遺傳自祖父的天賦。Luke回顧自己從紐約房地產經紀人到拉斯維加斯藝術家的歷程,指著掛在對面牆上的妻子畫像解釋說:「在創作第一張作品時,我的自我感 “IT’S KIND OF A NEAT THING TO WEAR TWO HATS AT THE RE­SORT,” laughs Peter Luke as he reaches for a Le Rêve – The Dream­branded mug he’s just filled with his morn­ing cup of cof­fee. Luke, a rig­ger in the famed Wynn Las Ve­gas show, is up early in­side his art stu­dio, where he spends the other half of his work­day. When Luke’s not over­see­ing the safety of per­form­ers from be­hind the scenes, he is here, sur­rounded by ta­bles full of brushes, paint bot­tles and un­fin - ished can­vases. The stu­dio is Luke’s garage in the North Las Ve­gas home he shares with his wife, Cyn­thia, and their three boys. The floor, as one would ex­pect, is cov­ered in splashes of ev­ery color, and Luke is oc­ca­sion­ally dis­tracted by a large can­vas paint­ing of New York City’s Times Square, one that looks nearly fin­ished but he de­scribes as “a work in progress.” “I typ­i­cally do back­grounds first, and then it’s com­pletely ran­dom,” he says of his process. Start­ing with a pho­to­graph as an inspiration, Luke will in­cor­po­rate any color that comes to mind in or­der to make the piece “pop.” He doesn’t have a pro­fes­sional back­ground, just a pas­sion for paint­ing, and per­haps some in­her­ited tal­ent from his grand­fa­ther, an il­lus­tra­tor and car­toon­ist. Re­count­ing the jour­ney that took him from New York re­al­tor to Las

覺非常好,也得到了很多積極的反饋。當人們開始更認真地談論你的藝術作品時,你也會開始更認真考慮從事創作這件事。」Luke將一幅作品贈送給史提芬永利先生一家,吸引了他的注意,最終獲委託為永利拉斯維加斯創作了一系列七幅畫作,其中包括六位體育明星,以及一幅向史提芬永利先生的摯友、永利娛樂場主理人Char­lie Mey­er­son­致敬的畫作,作品在Mey­er­son­的同名餐廳裡展出。「永利先生一家都是偉大的藝術愛好者,」Luke說,「我的作品能成為他們的藏品之一掛在牆上,真是令人興奮。」從第一次拿起畫筆開始, Luke多年來吸引了眾多來自全球的粉絲。他的繪畫作品與來自開曼群島甚至是埃及亞歷山大港的藏品系列掛在一起,他還向高爾夫球手Jack Nick­laus的慈善基金捐贈了作品,甚至受紐約洋基隊傳奇明星Babe Ruth委託為家族創作繪畫。儘管身負盛名,他仍然認為自己只是一個「享受繪畫創作的人」。他說:「我不會以自己是個藝術家而覺得驕傲。我始終認為,人們喜歡你的作品並樂在其中才是最重要的。如果自己看著作品覺得喜歡,那麼其他人也很可能會有同感。」 Ve­gas artist, Luke mo­tions to a paint­ing of his wife that hangs on the op­po­site wall. “When your first one is as good as I think that one is and you get a lot of pos­i­tive feed­back,” he ex­plains, “when peo­ple start talk­ing more se­ri­ously about your art, it’s some­thing you start to se­ri­ously think about.” Luke’s work caught the eye of the Wynn de­sign team af­ter he brought in one of his paint­ings to show fel­low crew mem­bers. That led to a com­mis­sion to cre­ate a se­ries of seven paint­ings for Wynn Las Ve­gas: six sports fig­ures and an homage to long­time re­sort host Char­lie Mey­er­son, to be dis­played at Mey­er­son’s name­sake restau­rant. “Wynn is known all over the world for its amaz­ing public art col­lec - tion,” Luke says. “To oc­cupy wall space with the pieces in this re­sort is an in­cred­i­ble op­por­tu­nity for any artist.” In the years since he first picked up a brush, Luke has at­tracted a global fan base. His paint­ings hang with col­lec­tions from the Cay­man Is­lands to Alexan­dria, Egypt, he’s do­nated his work to golfer Jack Nick­laus’ char­ity, and he was even com­mis­sioned to do a paint­ing of Babe Ruth for the New York Yan­kees leg­end’s fam­ily. Still, he con­sid­ers him­self to be “some­body who just en­joys paint­ing.” “I don’t feel like I’ve grad­u­ated into this ‘I’m an artist’ mind­set,” he notes. “I think it’s just im­por­tant that peo­ple en­joy look­ing at your art. If you like look­ing at it, then most likely other peo­ple will, too.”

Peter Luke的油畫作品展示於Char­lie’s Bar + Gril­l餐廳,其中包括一幅這家休閒餐廳以名稱致敬的Char­lie先生的肖像。 Peter Luke’s can­vasses find a fit­ting home at Char­lie’s Bar + Grill, in­clud­ing a por­trait of the ca­sual restau­rant’s name­sake.

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